The Latest on the National Security Agency announcement

Homeland Security Secretary Nicholas Tucci said the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) has announced that the agency will be creating an independent “Homeland Security Innovation Program” to “bring together experts and innovators across all domains of homeland security to work on solutions to common threats”.The NCTC will establish a Center for the Study of Intelligence and […]

How to watch the new Homeland season 4: The best and worst

Homeland season 5, which will air on BBC America on Friday, is the final episode of Homeland’s eighth and final season.It sees the characters go on the run in their homeland of Oklahoma after an outbreak of a virus, but the episode is also notable for introducing a new character and introducing some new characters […]

What are some of the jobs you’d like to do as a homeland security intern?

Theresa May has pledged to expand internships and the UK’s national security service’s (NSB) new security jobs scheme will be made available to more people, with an emphasis on overseas territories and “specialised areas”.The Home Office said in a statement that the first batch of 10 internships were due to be offered by March and […]

The U.S. is in a “dangerous” state of emergency

After a deadly mass shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado, President Donald Trump has renewed his calls for a state of national emergency, which he has said would allow for the “total shutdown of federal government operations.”The order was signed Wednesday.The Trump administration has issued several executive orders in the wake of the […]

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