The Most Popular Food of All Time: The Last Season of Homeland

The Last season of Homeland has been a big hit with critics and viewers, so it’s no surprise that the show’s creators are already working on Season 3.“It’s so amazing to me, I don’t even know what to say,” says Homeland writer and director Peter Hitchens.“I mean, it’s a miracle that we got a second […]

Stars: Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook to headline NBA All-Star Game on Saturday, Jan. 20

The NBA All Star Game will take place on Saturday in New Orleans, with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook among the players who will represent the league.Durant is the first All-star to be selected to the league’s All-NBA team, joining Westbrook who was the first to be chosen to the All-Defense Team in 2014.The game […]

A new trailer for the new Homeland series, titled ‘Homeland’

It’s a trailer for Homeland, and it’s pretty damn good.The trailer for Season 2, which airs tonight on ABC, features the iconic homelander outfit of the show’s most popular character, Dana, and its main villain, the homicidal, murderous Homelander Suit.It’s the most famous outfit in the show, with Dana wearing the suit in the Season […]

How does Hugh Dancy do?

When Hugh Dantry was a teenager he was fascinated by the world of action figures.His parents bought him two and he soon began to develop a love of the action figures, particularly those from the 60s.Dantry, who is now 53, said: “My childhood was obsessed with the 60’s.I would sit in the living room with […]

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