The best way to get your food delivered on your doorstep

Homeland New Episodes 4, Episode 6 (Season 2) is the fourth episode of Homeland’s third season.It was written by Chris Tucker and directed by Chris Newman.The episode focuses on a new sheriff who is trying to solve the mystery of why there is a large number of people in San Diego County without water, gas […]

How to Build a Stream of Electricity from the Land

The federal government has signed an agreement to allow the US to buy nearly $100 billion worth of natural gas from Russia to help the country meet its carbon emissions goals.The sale, which is expected to begin next year, is a key part of President Donald Trump’s climate agenda, which also includes his goal of […]

Seahawks announce new stadium to replace CenturyLink Field

Seattle Seahawks President Mark Idelson has announced the team will renovate the CenturyLink field for an NFL stadium.The new stadium will be called CenturyLink, and will include an open-air football stadium with an enclosed plaza.Idelson said the team is committed to providing Seattle fans with the best in sports, entertainment and education.The new stadium would […]

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