What you need to know about the newest homes on the market

A new wave of home sales is taking shape in New York City, the capital of the United States, but it’s the home buyers who are taking the market by storm.Home prices in the city have surged nearly 40% since 2014, according to the latest numbers from Realtor.com.But the surge has not come without its […]

Homeland actor Elizabeth Potthast is back in the country

The Homeland actor is back to the country.The actor posted a photo on her Instagram account that showed her with her children in New York City.Pottham says she’s back to being her best.She’s a big fan of her new home and she says she will always love New York.Her next film is called “The Last […]

How to recognize the American Homeland in a series like Homeland: How to spot the signs and signals

By DAVID CARROLL The Homeland series is set in the United States and follows the lives of two families as they traverse the country and its natural resources.A major theme is that these families are “citizens,” not residents of a state.The show is about “citizenship,” and the concept of a “citizens’ rights” is central to […]

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