National Anthem Protests Prompt Rioters to Break Through Walls and Attack Police

The protests that erupted in North Carolina on Friday night and into Saturday have been the culmination of months of protests that have spread across the country.While some protesters are peaceful, others are angry, violent and even threatening to attack law enforcement officers.Demonstrators were chanting “No justice, no peace,” as they marched through Charlotte, which […]

How to stay safe in Portland’s Portland’s suburbs

By Carrie Homeland and Hugh Dancy Homeland Security will be holding an emergency drill in the Port of Portland on Saturday.The drill is a prelude to the new security policy set to come into effect in March 2018.“The drill will focus on the latest information on potential threats to our community,” said a statement on […]

US TV shows ‘Hollywood’s’ most popular movies are getting better and better

The most popular American TV shows and movies have seen a slight but significant improvement in their ratings in recent years, according to data from Nielsen Media Research. For a brief moment in the mid-1990s, the biggest TV shows on the air were “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy.” Now, it seems like “The Walking Dead,” “House of […]

Homeland Security: “Homeland Ending” in 2017

Homeland Security has been planning to shut down its ports of entry in the coming year to stop the spread of diseases like the coronavirus, which was first detected in the US in late 2017.The agency has announced it will also shut down border ports of origin, which have become the gateway for migrants crossing […]

How to get a passport from the homeland, and what to know about getting a passport in Canada

When you’re visiting the United States, you’ll often find that it’s easy to get your passport stamped and stamped again.It’s called “national travel” in the U.S. The process starts with you getting your National Photo ID (NPA), which you’ll be required to bring with you to the airport.If you need a different NPA, you can […]

When will Amazon be able to sell books?

Google News, a search engine for news and information, recently introduced a new feature that allows readers to sort by title, publisher, author, date, and location.It’s the first time that Google has allowed readers to filter news by titles, and it’s not the first such feature Google has introduced.In the past, Google News has shown […]

Costa Rica’s national anthem plays as it hosts England in World Cup qualifier

ANTONIO PELLETIER/AFP/Getty Images An international football game between Costa Rica and England at the Olympic Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in this image released by Costa Rica Football Federation on July 27, 2018.ANTONio PELLIETIER (AFP/File) An international soccer game between Italy and Costa Rica at the Maracana Stadium in Sao Paulo, Brazil.ANtonio Pelletier/AFP//Getty Images […]

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