How the U.S. Government Can’t Stop the Next Generation from Becoming the Next Homeland Wife

As part of its “Homeland Wife” initiative, the U and UK governments announced a joint effort to build a “farming network” to protect women from domestic violence.But the initiative will not stop the next generation of American women from becoming domestic abusers themselves.In a post on Medium, feminist writer and researcher, Jennifer Lynch, detailed how […]

DHS Secretary Joins Homeland Security in Calling for ‘Sensible and Inclusive’ Policies

JOSHUA ROBERTS/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly will hold a meeting of his own on Thursday with Homeland Security experts in response to an uptick in anti-immigrant violence and an ongoing outbreak of Ebola in the United States, the White House said.Kelly’s remarks will be the first he has made on the situation […]

Carrie and David welcome new baby

David and Carrie are expecting their first child together and they are looking forward to celebrating.The couple are expecting a son together on November 26 and the couple have started celebrating with a BBQ at their home in Los Angeles.The family plans to move to Los Angeles, Los Angeles County and then on to New […]

Snl Homeland Security Season 8 preview

“I think the biggest takeaway is, ‘Look, you guys can do it.You can make this a reality, but this is going to take time,’” said Mark Gail, a Homeland Security veteran who oversees security and border issues for the National Restaurant Association, which represents restaurant operators.“It’s going to be a lot more challenging, but we’re […]

When Canadians were arrested for trying to smuggle Canadian marijuana into the U.S., they had little to worry about

The federal government announced a new strategy to crack down on marijuana trafficking last week.But it’s not a good one.The federal government has announced a plan to crack back on the drug trade that’s making its way through Canadian borders, with a new focus on the United States and its neighbors.The plan calls for Canada […]

Which seasons of homeland will be returning for the season 9 finale?

The American Homeland has been on a hiatus from the American family since the fifth season, but the final episodes of season 8 show it is back in a major way.The show is expected to return for a fifth season in the fall.Season 8 also saw the arrival of The Americans, which introduced the American […]

How to predict a Canadian home-buyer’s future, based on the weather

How can you predict a home buyer’s future?How can we be sure that a buyer is in the right place?The answer to all these questions is weather.According to data from the National Weather Service (NWS), the forecast for most Canadian cities and towns is pretty good.However, the forecast has gotten a lot more unpredictable recently, […]

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