Finland has been given a lot to think about after the country’s Prime Minister Peter Loukanen announced on Monday that he would resign, effective from July 1.

Loukanen has been accused of using the state of emergency to his advantage and he has been criticised for his actions.

On Monday, Loukanon said he had been “proud of the achievements we have achieved”, and said he would “leave the presidency with a full-throated commitment to the country and its people”.

Loukanon’s decision came after he announced he was suspending his party’s membership from the parliament and that he had asked the government to consider whether to take action against him.

Louganon had said the country was on a “very dangerous trajectory” and the state’s response to the Ebola virus outbreak was “not good enough”.

“If this is what I am about to resign for, then I am not the right person to lead the country,” he said.

“My resignation was taken very seriously, and I am sorry for the impact it will have on my people.”

Loukanons resignation is expected to cause a significant rift within the ruling centre-right party.

The centre-left Finns Party said it was “troubled” by the news, and it is unclear what will happen to the other opposition parties.

The country is currently ranked third in the European Union’s most populous countries table for GDP per capita and second for the number of people living in poverty.

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