Carrie Mathisson is the best season of Homeland. 

She had her best season in the second season of this show, which aired in January 2018, and is the first person to ever win the show’s best season award. 

The Homeland season finale aired on Sunday, September 23, 2018, but Mathison had already been nominated for the best episode award for the second straight season. 

This year, Mathison was the first to win an award for best episode, and she was the only guest star to do so. 

Mathison’s Homeland season had its highs and lows, including a huge plot twist that saw her reveal her true identity as Carrie Mathinson. 

It was the showrunner’s big season, and it was an emotional one for Carrie. 

In the finale, she reveals that she has cancer and her cancer is spreading. 

While Carrie Mathis disease is not a serious illness, Mathis’ cancer is still in remission, and Mathison’s life has become a little more difficult. 

“I think it was really hard to be a part of a show like Homeland, to be the person who had to constantly defend the people who are on the show,” Mathison told CBS News.

“I felt like the only person who really was my friend and who had a strong bond with me, was Carrie Mathiss.

She really did make me feel like a person that had some sort of strength.” 

Mathiss, who played a drug dealer in season one, was a major character in the show, and her character, Claire Temple, had a significant role in season two. 

But Mathison, who plays Carrie Mathion in season four, said she’s still very much a part-time actress. 

I’ve been doing it full time for about three years now, she said.

“So, the only time I’m a part time actor is when I’m on Homeland.

So, it’s hard. 

[Mathison] is still doing it on Homeland, and so she can still do it. 

That’s why I’m really proud of Carrie Mathi s success.” 

In fact, Mathisons season was her most successful season as an actress, with a total of eight Emmy nominations. 

Since Homeland first aired in 1998, Mathiss has won an Emmy, an Outstanding Guest Actress nomination, two Golden Globe nominations, an Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series, and two Golden Globes for Outstand Performance by an Actress in a Drama Series. 

For Mathison and her mother, Carrie, it was a moment of truth for her. 

Carrie Mathison is the only actress in Homeland history to win a season award for Best Performance by a Female Lead, and Carrie is the second person to win the Best Performance award for a female lead in Homeland season two, which was nominated for best actress for the season finale. 

On Sunday, Carrie Mathisen and her mom, Carrie will both receive their best acting honor in the Homeland franchise, the Homeland Best Season Award.

Carrie Mathision will receive the Homeland Homeland Best Episode Award, while Carrie Mathions mother will receive her Homeland Best Actress award.

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