This week, I’ve picked out a new home for the boys as I was curious about their favorite homelander, Damian Lewis.

I think this character is a nice touch to the show and his backstory in season 1 is well written and well done.

Damian is a survivor of the Vietnam War and was sent back to Vietnam to get revenge for the death of his family.

I have to give props to the writers for making him relatable, which is always a challenge.

However, the show also takes a lot of liberties with the homelandering and some of the more egregious acts that Lewish did were just plain dumb.

For example, in episode 2, he’s seen at a restaurant with a woman that he met on a dating site.

When asked by the waitress to leave, he tells her he loves her, then punches her in the face, before walking away.

The waitress, who then walks away, tells Lewishes parents about the incident, and the story of her boyfriend’s murder in episode 6.

This makes it very easy to imagine Lewisha’s parents having a hard time reconciling with her, especially after her father, James, was killed by the CIA.

The show also tries to make its homelanders complex, but I think they can be a little more nuanced than the rest of the cast.

One of the best scenes I saw from the show was the one in which Lewises mother, Martha, tries to talk to him after he left.

I thought the character worked so well as the show’s mother.

I also liked that she was the only person to ever confront him and not just be a passive observer, which was refreshing.

The second episode of the show, “Battlegrounds,” was the show I watched the most.

I liked the episode’s twist on the typical Homeland storyline, in which Homeland is in a war zone and Homeland needs help.

The war is in Iraq, which has a lot to offer the boys and is a place that they have never been to before.

The boys travel to Iraq to recruit an Iraqi soldier, which takes them through a number of difficult situations.

They are given some time to prepare and then it is time to face off against the Iraqi Army, which includes Saddam Hussein.

After a tough battle, the boys get captured by Iraqi forces and have to spend the night with the soldiers in the military base.

The whole time, Lewiss mom has been saying things to her son, including that he should leave and not return.

This is where I thought he had a lot going for him, because I knew that LeWis was going to fight hard for his country.

However the way he acted during this battle with the Iraqi soldiers, especially when his brother, George, is killed, was incredibly frustrating.

I loved his performance as his mom, and I was shocked by how emotionally manipulative he became at times.

It was a tough scene, but he did a great job in portraying the characters struggles with these emotions.

I found myself thinking that he was a little too much of a dick to be the one who tried to help his family during this time of tragedy.

I do think that there was some room for improvement here, but it was a nice change from the usual Homeland storyline.

Another thing I appreciated about Homeland is the way the writers take a much darker tone with the show.

I don’t think this is something that we usually see from Homeland.

For the most part, the writers are more interested in making us root for the underdog and rooting against the bad guys.

This season, Homeland has focused more on the conflict in Iraq and more on its villains, who have been more aggressive than before.

While there were a few moments that did feel like a bit of a dark comedy, I enjoyed Homeland’s depiction of war.

I am a huge fan of Homeland and I’m glad that it is still getting great reviews, but the show needs to do a better job of making us care for the characters.

In season 2, Homeland returns to the island of Guam and they find that their homeland is now under threat from aliens.

I would like to see Homeland expand its world even further and take it into unexplored territory.

The characters and the plotlines need to be explored further and I believe that Homeland will do a lot better job with this.

If you have a comment, or feedback on this article, please share it with us in the comments section below.

Let us know which Homelanders we missed, what you think of them and what you would like the show to explore.

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