A Canadian actor has a big announcement to make, and it’s coming right at the beginning of this year.

The 20-year-old actor and comedian, Aaron Lonsdale, is taking over the mantle of the iconic character from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) on Netflix.

In addition to his role on the popular Netflix series Mr. Robot, Lonsdal is also executive producer on The Crown, the first of its kind in Canada.

In the new show, Lousdale plays a police officer who has the ability to see into the future.

He also stars as a member of the Crown’s elite SWAT team, as well as a former police officer and a former military member.

Lonsdles debut Netflix show will be a Netflix Original Series, premiering in March.

He’s also a co-producer on a new Netflix documentary on the Canadian military.

Lousdles new Netflix show, The Crown: A Canadian Police Force is expected to debut later this year, but it will be produced by Lonsden’s own company, Red Eye Media.

Loves a good party.

Lomsdles favourite thing about the job is getting to hang out with the right people.

The Crown is a show about the police force, and he said he likes to have a good time with his friends and colleagues.

The show is being produced by Red Eye Entertainment, which has produced other CBC shows like The Crown and the upcoming docu-series The Crown.

“The Crown is about the Canadian police force in a very real and honest way,” Lonsda said.

“We can’t have a police force that doesn’t work to help everyone, and to show them how to be safe and respectful.”

Lonsdel is also known for his comedic roles on the CBC’s The Big Bang Theory and the CBC comedy The Biggest Loser.

He and his girlfriend, Kaitlin Lonsdorff, will be filming The Crown for Netflix later this summer.

In the show, which premieres on Netflix in March, Loughden plays the role of the Chief of Police for the Crown, who is also his partner in crimefighting.

He is an ex-military man who has spent most of his career serving the public.

Loughdles love of booze comes through in the show.

The Crown: The Crown will also feature Lonsdo’s other favourite Canadian TV characters, who are a bit of a comedy duo.

His favourite is former cop Chuck Tully, who was played by Canadian actor and comic Tim Riggins.

He also has a crush on Canadian pop star and producer, Miranda Lambert, who also stars in The Crown as an undercover cop.

Lonsd’s most recent project is a Netflix documentary called What We Do For Love.

He said he wants to be the “guy who goes to work every day, wears a uniform and brings smiles to people’s faces.”

Lonesdale said he was looking forward to being able to show the world the people of the crown.

It’s important for us to show how the people in the crown do their jobs, and that’s something that we are really passionate about,” he said.

When I saw the trailer for The Crown online, I was really intrigued by the idea of a cop showing up in a big city and being part of a crimefighting team.

I thought it would be so exciting to be part of that.

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