The Superman franchise is about to become the most popular movie franchise in history.

With the announcement of the new film, which has the potential to become one of the biggest blockbuster franchises in history, we take a look at the life of a career as a Superman actor and why he decided to go into the world of superman.

Originally from a farm in South Africa, Peter Capaldi was a teenager when he auditioned for the role of Superman in the movie Superman II.

“I auditioned and I was told ‘Don’t be silly, we have a great one on the TV show.

He’s a young boy with no talent and we’re going to get him into the film industry,'” Capaldi told ABC’s The Drum.

At the time, Capaldi had been cast as the villainous villain in the TV series Batman Begins, but it was his portrayal of the character in the Superman movie that changed his life.

His first job as a superhero came when he starred as himself in the 1986 Superman movie Superman III.

After the film was released, Capaldini was offered the role in the follow-up, Superman IV.

He didn’t want to do it, but he was told that the director had been working on a script and he wanted to be a part of it.

A little while later, he was cast in the upcoming Superman II, where he reprised his role as Superman.

Capaldi is a familiar face to audiences, with the actor having been a part in several films such as The Rockford Files and Batman Begins.

He also appeared in two other Batman movies: Batman Begins (1989) and Batman Returns (1991).

When he first joined the cast of the upcoming Batman movie, he played the villain Lex Luthor, but when Capaldi went on to play the villain in Batman Begins in 2003, he also took on the role as the Dark Knight.

He played the role again in the Batman Returns movie in 2018, but this time he was played by British actor Martin Freeman.

Now, after playing a Superman in two Batman movies, Capalieri is the first actor to have taken on the part of Superman himself.

As an actor, Capallini is known for his role in both Batman Begins and Batman Return, and he also appeared as the main villain in both the original Superman film and the upcoming movie Superman.

“I’ve always wanted to do something with this role,” he told The Drum in 2017.

“The Superman movies were just great fun.

It was so exciting to do them and I enjoyed it.”

Superman is an iconic character that has been around for over 60 years.

It is one of many comic book characters who has appeared in every major superhero film, from the original comics of the 1970s and 1980s to the recent blockbuster films like the upcoming film Justice League.

Although Capaldi has been playing the character since he was 16, he never got to play it like a traditional superhero.

“It was more a part-time gig.

I was an apprentice at the time and I got to go out and do all that stunt work and do some stunts on set.

I got a part on Batman Returns in 2000, but I was so nervous and nervous I was like ‘Oh, my god, it’s not happening,'” he said.

Even though Capaldi played the part for a short time, it was a long time before he had the chance to have a full-fledged career as the Superman in Batman Returns.

When Capaldi first got the call to be in the new Superman movie, it felt like a dream come true.

He thought it was going to be one of those ’80s-style Superman movies.

I had the opportunity to play one of my favourite characters in the world, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to do my thing and show what I can do.

I remember being nervous and thinking, ‘Oh my God, it can’t be happening.’

“Even when Capaldisi finally got the chance, it wasn’t without some bumps in the road.

The casting director was not the best about letting Capaldi go on set and the actors who had been on set for so long were not always happy about the way things were going.

The biggest thing I had to learn was that I have to be realistic about my abilities, and it’s hard when you’re not used to that sort of thing,” Capaldi said.

“As an 18-year-old, I didn’t know what to expect, but what I did know was that if you do it the right way, it should be good.

I had no expectations, and that was a good thing.

I’m really grateful that I got that opportunity.”

When it came time for filming, Capaldo had to find his own way to get around filming the scenes. He said he

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