John Zabel is the author of a new book called The Greatest American Novel, which tells the story of America through the eyes of a fictional character.

The book is set in the early 1960s, in an era where President John F. Kennedy was just starting to be a political force and the Cold War was raging.

It tells the origin story of how Zabel came to be known as “The Most Powerful American Novelist.”

Zabel, who was born in Kansas in 1923, is known for his novels, which tell the story about the people, events and characters of the American West.

He has been called a “living legend” in some circles for his work, which has been described as “magical.”

Zabels best-known work, The Greatest Americans, tells the stories of the people and events of America’s Founding Fathers.

In The Greatest, Zabel tells the American story through the story and life of a real-life individual.

Zabel’s novel tells the founding story of the United States through the lives of its Founding Fathers, from Benjamin Franklin, the man who wrote the Declaration of Independence to George Washington, the first president who signed the document into law.

Zabel is best known for writing books that focus on the lives and struggles of the Founding Fathers through the life and career of John Adams.

The Greatest is set to be published in 2018 by HarperCollins.

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