Wife of border police official is seeking help after husband hanged himself at the border with India in December, the state government has said.

Police officials have said the death of the border police officer and his wife in the state’s Bhubaneswar district was accidental.

The couple had been travelling on their wedding day when the husband took his own life after falling off the vehicle at the Bhubanswar-Punjab border crossing.

The border police said they were both under medical treatment.

A relative of the wife, who was identified as Border Police Sub-Inspector Mani Kumar, said she had called the police after the husband fell from his vehicle at a checkpoint near the border crossing at around 5pm on December 16.

“She had reported the husband’s suicidal behavior to the Border Police and sent him to the hospital.

She is yet to get any help from the police,” said the relative.

The Border Police have been making arrangements for the family members to go back to their homes in the border area and to reach their jobs.

The relative also said that police are looking into the incident.

The Border Police, the National Investigation Agency (NIA), the State Anti-Corruption Bureau (SACB) and the police station in Kolkata are all monitoring the case.

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