A new wave of home sales is taking shape in New York City, the capital of the United States, but it’s the home buyers who are taking the market by storm.

Home prices in the city have surged nearly 40% since 2014, according to the latest numbers from Realtor.com.

But the surge has not come without its upsides.

The city’s affordability has been a focus for buyers for a number of years, and the affordability of housing is also one of the main reasons many people are buying their first home, said Scott D. Smith, president of The Realtors Association of New York.

But there is one thing that separates the home buyer from the homeowner in the New York market: You are not going to get a good deal.

That is because there is a big difference between a buyer and a homeowner, said Smith. 

“When you go to a realtor, you have to know what you’re buying and you have the ability to negotiate, and you can’t negotiate with someone who’s been selling homes for 30 years,” Smith said.

He said a real estate agent will negotiate the price to get the best deal. 

“When you come to the realtor and you negotiate, they don’t get paid and they get on their phone and they just don’t care.

You can’t really negotiate with them, because they are just as concerned with getting the deal as you are,” Smith added. 

Smith said he believes the biggest factor for selling a home is the price, but there are a number other factors that can play a role as well.

He mentioned that it’s difficult to negotiate if the seller doesn’t have a mortgage and it’s easier to get financing from a mortgage company than it is from a bank. 

But one of those factors is that people are now looking at the home as a business.

That’s what Smith said makes it easier to sell a home than it used to be. 

He said a home can be sold at any price, and many sellers have been able to make a lot more money than they were before.

“You have to have a home that’s going to last, and that’s the best way to sell it,” Smith explained. 

In New York, you don’t have to be a millionaire to sell your home. 

Home prices have gone up more than 30% since the year 2000, according the latest data from Reampublic.com, a website that tracks real estate trends.

There are some areas in New England that are seeing a boost in home prices, like Boston and Providence.

But in New Jersey, prices have remained relatively stable.

Smith said some of those areas have also seen some major sales, including one sale in Boston that was worth more than $1.6 million.

 “It’s a big deal for me to sell, because it’s going up in price, because I have to get into it.

It’s not going up anywhere near as much as it was when I first started selling homes, and I’m a big fan of selling,” Smith told CNNMoney.

He explained that he has made his way to the point where he can afford to sell his home for as much money as he wants. 

A home sale is different than a real sale, but the homebuyers are doing it differently.

Smith explained that a home sale requires a buyer to prove to the seller that they are serious about the property.

“The buyer has to prove that they want to pay, that they’re serious about putting down a deposit, that it will be a good investment,” Smith noted.

“And if you’re not serious about that, you’re going to have to come up with some sort of an offer, and a home price is just a reflection of that.” 

Smith also said that a sale can go on for months, depending on the seller.

He has had a home go on sale for over six months, which he said is unheard of in the home market. 

If a home sells for more than the asking price, the seller can sell it to a third party.

This is a common practice, as it allows sellers to lower the price in order to get more money from the buyer.

Smith said a buyer can also be a buyer of the home for more money if the buyer is willing to take on the lender, like a bank, mortgage company or insurance company.

Smith says a mortgage can be a huge factor in a home selling, and he said there are many people who are willing to finance the sale. 

The number of buyers has also grown in the last few years.

In 2017, there were around 1.5 million home buyers in New New York state, according to Reampertublic. 

While there have been some recent home sales, the number of homes that have been sold in the state is still relatively small, according Reampirec.

Smith noted

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