You may remember the premiere of “American Horror Story: Hotel” last season when we got our first look at the Homeland finale.

In that episode, Carrie Fisher’s character, Carrie Preston, was the only one who got to meet Carrie Fisher.

We also got a look at Carrie’s wedding reception, which featured a huge dance party, and Carrie’s last moment of life before the show.

The finale was released the day before Christmas, but Carrie’s funeral was not until the following day, and we knew right away that Carrie was no longer going to be around.

But what does the “Homeless” finale reveal about Carrie’s death?

What does it say about Carrie and her life after “Homestuck?”

Well, “Homesteaders” creator Ryan Murphy did the right thing by airing Carrie’s final moments, but “Homelands” writer/director Matt Ryan has a different take on Carrie’s ending.

In his new video for “We’re on a Plane” and “Lights on the Road” , Ryan explains how he decided to change Carrie’s fate.

“Weirdly, there were two people who had an idea of what to do with Carrie’s character that were both very different,” Ryan tells MTV.

“I actually had the same idea in mind, but I wanted to go in a different direction.”

Ryan says that he was inspired to change the ending because Carrie was so important to him and his characters.

“My wife is from Indiana, so she grew up in the suburbs of Indianapolis, so we’re very much the American Dream kind of family.

My parents were both working-class.

I remember when I was a kid, my dad was the janitor, and my mom worked as a waitress.

So when she came to work every morning, she would pick up my lunch.

She always had a very big smile on her face and always had so much fun.

And then my mom would drive to work in a truck.

So she was the most fun-loving, loving person in the world.

But that’s just who Carrie was, and she wasn’t happy.

He says that Carrie and he have had a long conversation about how they could end the show and have Carrie still be alive. “

She just wasn’t what I wanted her to be, and I was very conflicted about that,” Ryan says.

He says that Carrie and he have had a long conversation about how they could end the show and have Carrie still be alive.

“For the longest time, I thought that if Carrie was still alive, she had to be on a plane.

And I thought, I know, there are many things about that that I could do that she wouldn’t do, so maybe we could get that out of her life and let her be an actress.

But I thought it was so tragic that she wasn�t in that plane, so I thought maybe we would get her out of there.”

So Ryan decided to turn Carrie into a plane pilot.

The pilot on the plane, a pilot named Steve, is a fan of “Sons of Anarchy,” which Ryan says was the inspiration for the idea.

“It was a lot of fun to write a pilot for the pilot.

I really liked what I wrote and I thought he would be very interesting to play, and he came to mind,” Ryan explains.

“He’s a pilot, and that was something that we were able to write down as a possibility.”

Ryan explains that Carrie had an interest in being a pilot and that she would often go to airports, especially New York City, and meet people in the airport terminal.

“You’d go to the airport, and you’d say, ‘I’m not a pilot.

You can’t see me.

I’m a plane passenger.

What do I do?

I’m not going to fly this flight,’ and that’s how she would answer.

And so she was a very curious and inquisitive person, and very, very open to what we were doing, and then she would go, ‘How do I get a ticket to the plane?’

And we’d say ‘You’ll have to pay $10,000 for that ticket.’

So she had this sense of money, and it just kind of flowed out of that.”

Ryan says that when the pilot first came up, the team knew that they needed to have a pilot who was a bit of a dick, but they didn’t know how to pull it off.

They had a pilot from “Lonesome Dove” and a pilot with a long history in the entertainment industry, but Ryan didn’t want to go with that.

“The thing that struck me about this pilot was, he was going to pilot an airplane and he was very, um, very cocky.

He was going, ‘Well, I’m gonna fly the plane and make it go fast.

You’re gonna sit on the

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