Homeland Security announced on Monday that it is ramping up efforts to remove illegal immigrants who have been released from custody.

Homeland Security is also deploying immigration agents in local jurisdictions.

Homeland security officials are also asking local authorities to request that local law enforcement officers be able to access federal immigration databases to assist in removing criminal aliens from the country.

“While we can’t control the number of criminal aliens released from immigration custody, DHS can and will assist local law officers in removing these criminals,” the DHS announcement read.

The announcement comes as President Donald Trump has struggled to find a way to deal with a surge in illegal immigration. “

For more information on how you can help in this effort, please visit DHS.gov.”

The announcement comes as President Donald Trump has struggled to find a way to deal with a surge in illegal immigration.

In September, Trump signed a new executive order that allows local and state law enforcement to detain, remove, or deport individuals deemed to be “priority” illegal immigrants.

However, it only applies to individuals released from prison or a federal detention facility and not those already in custody.

According to the DHS statement, the agency has deployed its agents to local jurisdictions in at least eight states, as well as the District of Columbia.

The agency is also planning to work closely with local law-enforcement officials to find ways to expedite the removal of criminal immigrants, the DHS said.

DHS has asked local law departments to provide a list of all local officers who can assist local authorities in this initiative.

The announcement is in response to the Trump administration’s decision to start deporting criminal aliens who have already been released.

Under the new executive orders, federal immigration officials will now be allowed to release criminals who have spent more than 90 days in custody, which is currently the case for those released from federal detention facilities.

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