With the threat of home invasions and murders rising, it’s no surprise that home invasion movies are making an appearance on the list.

Home invasion films have become a big part of the summer blockbusters that are becoming increasingly popular with consumers these days, and there are plenty of ways to make the most of this trend.

The latest home invasion movie to make an appearance is “Home,” a thriller starring Liam Neeson and Amy Adams.

The movie stars Neesons ex-wife (and “The Big Bang Theory” star) Amber Heard and stars Amy Adams and her boyfriend, Sam Raimi.

Home has been praised for its “creepy” and “bizarre” plot, but the movie’s most intriguing plot twist comes when Amber and Sam go back to the house of their late parents after Amber’s boyfriend has been murdered.

When Sam discovers that the bodies have been tampered with and the house has been robbed, he starts investigating.

After Sam’s investigation leads him to the family home, Amber is forced to put the investigation on hold when the family has to flee to a neighboring town.

The rest of the film follows Sam as he makes a desperate bid to rescue his family.

The film is a great example of how home invasion films can be a fun way to make a serious point about the current state of our country and the threat that home invasion poses.

Home is a fun, well-executed home invasion thriller that could have been a real hit on the summer blockbuster circuit.

It is certainly one of the most chilling and entertaining films of the year.

If you enjoy the idea of a good home invasion horror flick, you should definitely give the movie a look.

Watch Now: Home Is a Home Invasion Movie

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