‘We Are’ is a movie about a family’s journey from the U.S. to a new home

The first trailer for Timothee Chalamet’s new film We Are was released earlier this month.

Here’s what you need to know about the movie.

1 / 10 The trailer for We Are has plenty of family action.

A father (Timothee) faces a difficult decision when his son goes missing and is presumed dead.

His daughter (Bridget) has been kidnapped by a group of kidnappers.

(Source: Timothees YouTube) 2 / 10 When it comes to the kidnapping of her daughter, her family is forced to confront the truth about what’s really happening in their midst.

(Image: Timothys YouTube) 3 / 10 Timothe (Samuel L. Jackson) and his family (Toni Collette and Timothe Esposito) are forced to make difficult choices about what they can trust in this world.

(Sources: TimetheeChalamet YouTube and timotheecalamet.com) 4 / 10 It’s hard to explain exactly what happens in this trailer, but it’s clear the film has a story that’s been building over the past few years.

(source: timotheechalamet.net) 5 / 10 While it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking the trailer is just another film, the trailer actually has a lot to say about this subject matter.

(images: timothyechalamette.net, timothees-louvre.com, timothyechalamet-weare.com)(video: timothys-laurie-chalamette-wearing-the-dark-of-life-is-coming-pitch-and-praise-timothee-chamet-presents) 6 / 10 As the trailer opens, we see some pretty serious things going on in the home of a family that’s never met before.

(image: timatheechalamettemedia.com/pitchfork) 7 / 10 We Are is set in the United States, and it focuses on the aftermath of the abduction of the child of a foreign diplomat (Tomi Collette) and her daughter (Timothy Espositito).

(source/video: TimitheeChamet YouTube) 8 / 10 In the trailer, we get to see some of the families home from their vacation and get a chance to hear their reactions to the new family.

(Video: timitheechalameteredia.net/pitchesfork) 9 / 10 There’s plenty of action, and you won’t find any subtlety in the film.

But the trailer also shows how much these families have struggled to adjust to their new life in the U, and how much they’re still learning about how to get by.

(video: timeanddate.com).

10 / 10 Here’s the trailer.

Now go see it.

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