In a country where police have been accused of using excessive force against protestors and people with disabilities, Carrie homeland security announcement said that, in the case of any travel to certain countries, people should exercise caution. 

“When travelling abroad, you should exercise your due diligence and respect the privacy of those you intend to meet. 

Your presence at any time is not a guarantee of safety or the security of others,” Carrie said.”

When you are at a designated destination, you will be asked to take your own precautions. 

However, you are also expected to maintain a high level of vigilance, including: taking extra precautions in your surroundings and at any point you feel unsafe. 

In addition, you may request that the police notify your local police station or embassy of your planned visit.” 

The announcement added that it was not the responsibility of the government to monitor visitors’ personal safety.

“The government has no authority to monitor or control individuals’ personal whereabouts. 

The responsibility of all governments and public authorities lies with their citizens and citizens’ groups, such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, to monitor and report on violations of human rights and freedoms in their countries. 

As a general rule, no person is responsible for any act of violence or other criminal offence against others. 

A person may be arrested for breaching a condition of his/her detention if he/she is arrested for an offence against the law, or the constitution, or in breach of his rights. 

It is illegal for a person to commit any act that may endanger public order, national security or public order. 

If a person commits an offence, the person will be prosecuted, punished, and sentenced accordingly. 

When it comes to security, Carrie said that the government has taken steps to protect the security and safety of its citizens. 

Since the start of the year, Carrie has increased the number of military personnel and police to guard the border. 

Carrie has also increased the security presence in other countries.

The announcement said: “To protect the country from terrorism, the government and its institutions will conduct the national and international security exercises. 

There are also efforts to develop new and enhanced security measures to help maintain the country’s sovereignty and security.” 

A total of 12 countries have been designated as “terrorist hotspots” by Carrie and the government.

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