As you know, Timothees homeland is a popular tourist destination in Jerusalem.

In the Middle East, it is home to the most popular Jewish holy sites: the Temple Mount, the Western Wall and Mount Carmel.

But now the Israeli tourist sector is expanding its footprint in Jerusalem’s Old City, where the Jewish Quarter has long been a hotspot for tourists and visitors.

The tourism industry, which is booming, is now looking to the capital’s new “downtown” area as a potential home base.

A new area, the National Mall, has been planned for a long time, and the Israeli tourism lobby is looking for a site with good views, which are also needed in the Old City.

“There is no better spot to host the capital than in the National Square,” says Hani Eytan, a senior vice president at the tourism agency, Israel Tourism and National Heritage.

Eytal is not alone in this enthusiasm.

There are other high-ranking officials and business people who believe Jerusalem is a great place for the tourist industry.

“It’s not just a destination for the Israelis, but it’s also a destination,” says Naftali Bennett, the leader of the right-wing Jewish Home party.

Bennett is currently a member of the Jerusalem city council, and he hopes to become Israel’s new mayor.

“The Old City is a city that has to be developed.

It has to have the best of the best,” Bennett says.

He believes the new area will be a natural extension of the existing Mall, which he has promised to improve.

“We have to make it the most important shopping district in the world,” Bennett said.

The new area is currently under construction, but Bennett has promised that the Mall will soon be the new “city of Jerusalem.”

In recent months, Israel’s tourism industry has grown to more than 10,000 employees, according to the Israel Chamber of Commerce.

And in recent years, tourism in the capital has become a key element of the economy.

According to a survey published in December, in 2018, Israeli tourists spent more than $1.2 billion, which included spending $1 billion on accommodations, food and entertainment.

The report found that over 60% of Israeli tourists said that the region is one of their top 10 destinations, and 70% said that they were visiting Jerusalem to visit.

The area’s proximity to the international airport has also helped to attract foreign visitors.

In recent years it has been the destination for many of the world’s most famous tourists, such as David Beckham, who spent some time in the area.

“As the tourism industry grows in the new capital, I hope it will become the hub of international business and international travel,” says Bennett.

“For example, the Israeli ambassador to the United States has been traveling here for several years now.”

Bennett is optimistic that the new Mall will be the place where foreign companies will invest in Jerusalem, and that the capital will become a “global hub” that is also a home base for Israel’s international business interests.

In January, Bennett’s government announced plans to create an international center for Israel that will have its headquarters in Jerusalem and will help Israeli businesses and entrepreneurs find their home base in the city.

“I am very excited,” says Eytann.

“Jerusalem is a real destination, and I believe that it will be one of the most attractive destinations for Israeli companies.”

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