I’ve often wondered what would happen if I were to die alone on my bed, surrounded by a sea of darkness and terror, surrounded only by my own thoughts and memories.

I know I’m not alone in that moment.

For a lot of people, the prospect of dying alone is a very real one.

It’s an awful, terrible, and very scary thought that comes up when you think about the many people who have died from a lack of sleep, who have lost their families to suicide, and who have suffered from depression and anxiety disorders.

I remember watching a documentary about the case of a couple in their 50s who had lost everything in a suicide attempt, and then watched their grieving partner try to cope with it.

I was also shocked and saddened by the news that I was going to be the one to end their life.

It was a very sad and horrible thing to say, and I didn’t even know what to say.

But then the reality hit me: I didn´t know how I was supposed to feel when I found out.

There are many different ways of coping with a difficult situation.

One of the ways I tried was to be kind and gentle, as much as possible, and not to worry too much about what someone else might think.

When I first met the couple in my 40s, they had just divorced, and they were both single.

But in their 20s, I had come to realize that they had two daughters.

The daughters had moved in with me when they were teenagers, and the boys had gone off to college.

They were married when I was younger, and when they got married, they got divorced.

One of the daughters was a nurse.

I asked her how she was feeling.

She said she was OK, and said she thought it would be OK if I didn�t spend the rest of my life in that position.

I said, Well, I think it would also be very bad for you if I did.

But she said she would rather die alone than not have a family.

She had the good sense to say yes, and she didn�ts want to see me die alone.

Then, one day, I saw the couple again, this time on a visit to visit the family.

They asked me to come visit, and for the first time in many years, I did, and my eyes were opened.

They told me they had a daughter who had just gotten married and was pregnant.

I felt a deep, personal connection to the couple, and it made me realize that the loneliness and isolation they faced was a real problem for them.

I saw that they were living the American Dream and had the freedom to do whatever they wanted, and that I could help them find that freedom by being kind to them.

That�s what made me feel like a hero when I first found out about the couple.

I thought that they would make a wonderful wife and mother.

They had just given birth to a baby girl, and so they wanted to keep their secret.

I told them I was coming and I could talk to them any time, and of course they had no idea.

I just had to wait.

The couple had been in touch with me, and now I had to find a way to help them.

So I called up their ex-husband, and asked him what he thought about the situation.

He told me that it was not a great time for him to be alone.

They would be coming to visit them in a few days, and he was hoping to spend some time with them.

They are very kind and caring people, and in his words, I should feel very sorry for them, because I am going to see them soon.

So, I called the couple’s mother and asked if they wanted me to meet them in person.

She told me to send her a message if I wanted to talk to her.

I did and the first thing she said was, Well I love you, I’m so sorry.

And she hugged me, telling me that they loved me.

They loved me and wanted me there with them when I came home.

I hugged them and said, It is all right.

They just wanted to be friends, and a little while later, I was on the phone with them, and was told that I had gotten a phone call from a number that they didn’t know.

They said they would be in touch, and told me what they had been saying was true.

The whole time I was there, the phone was ringing and I had an overwhelming sense of happiness.

It reminded me of a family that I knew so well.

As I began to tell the story of the couple who had been so wonderful to me, I felt like I was talking to a real person.

They looked at me like I had grown up to be a mother and a sister, and just like the other parents, they wanted

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