More than one-third of Americans are eating too little, according to new federal data.

Nearly half of adults say they don’t eat out nearly enough, and more than half don’t exercise enough.

The new survey shows how many Americans are struggling with what to eat, exercise and do at home.

Here’s how the numbers stack up.

Here are some key takeaways:Americans eat more than 50 percent of their daily calories from fat, while they eat an average of 50 percent fewer calories from protein and a little more than one percent less from carbohydrates.

About a quarter of Americans say they eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, compared to 20 percent of adults overall.

More than a third of Americans (32 percent) say they’re “very” or “somewhat” or very or somewhat satisfied with their diet.

And, while just over half (53 percent) said they feel good about their weight, just under half of them (49 percent) reported that they felt better overall after losing weight.

The study also found that about two-thirds of Americans report eating out more often than not, with the majority of the increase in restaurants.

About one in five (18 percent) report having more than three restaurants per day, up from about one in 10 adults in 2011.

More than two-fifths (62 percent) of Americans also say they’ve visited more than 10 restaurants.

Overall, Americans say the cost of eating out is too high, with 36 percent saying it costs them more to eat out than to buy groceries and 25 percent saying they spend more than $100 on food per week.

The survey also found Americans are more likely to eat food out of convenience than out of necessity, with more than a quarter (27 percent) saying they’ve “never” gone to a grocery store for food, compared with just 13 percent of all adults.

And just over a third (34 percent) have been to the doctor for medical care at least once, compared as many as a quarter-century ago.

Here is what the survey found about the food we eat:The majority of Americans — 55 percent — say they have a healthy appetite, and 37 percent say they feel full for the first time each day.

About a third have an “okay” or somewhat okay appetite, while the rest report “slightly” or no change.

But about half of the adults say their appetite is “moderate,” which is similar to other surveys that have found that the majority are not eating as much as they should be.

The most common reasons for eating out include: getting lunch, shopping, visiting friends, watching television, taking a family vacation, going to a sporting event or going for a walk.

The researchers also found more than 60 percent of Americans don’t plan their meals ahead.

They said they found this surprising because, like the majority, they are typically busy at work, and so, when planning meals, they often skip meals when they are busy.

This suggests Americans are making it up as they go along, as they seek to reduce the costs of meals.

Americans also report having fewer family vacations, at the same time that they are spending more on food at home, with a quarter saying they go less.

When it comes to exercise, Americans are also having a hard time staying in shape.

The survey found that more than six in 10 Americans are having trouble getting enough sleep.

But just under a third say they can’t get enough sleep, compared the national average of 37 percent.

More and more Americans say that their eating habits are changing.

Nearly two-quarters (72 percent) are more aware that eating at home isn’t necessarily a good idea, while more than two in three (63 percent) eat at least some meals in the home.

Americans are most concerned about how they spend their money: just over two-quarter (26 percent) don’t spend enough money on groceries.

The numbers of Americans who are eating out are also changing.

More Americans are getting into the habit of eating at restaurants, while fewer are staying away from restaurants altogether.

Americans were spending $7 billion at restaurants last year, while only $1 billion went to groceries.

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