Home video sales are expected to make a comeback this holiday season.

As of the end of last year, home video revenues reached $8.8 billion, according to the Motion Picture Association of America.

It’s not a bad return for a platform that has been on the decline since the turn of the millennium.

Still, with a growing number of streaming services launching this year, a lot more people are going to be able to enjoy the classics that make up a major part of the entertainment landscape.

There are also a number of new releases on the horizon.

Here’s a look at what to expect from the home entertainment scene over the next few weeks.

The holidays are a good time to buy vinylHome Video releases are usually a safe bet for those with disposable income, but it’s a lot harder to justify the cost of purchasing a home video record in this era of streaming.

That’s especially true for vinyl, which has become a staple in many home entertainment setups, especially in younger homes.

But for the average consumer, the home recording market is a little more challenging.

While it’s true that most home video releases come with a $5.99 rental fee, some studios offer a free download, or they offer discounts.

But many will also offer the option to rent a recording for a few days or even a month, and those deals are typically good deals.

For example, if you rent a digital copy of a movie from your local theater, that’s a good deal for most people.

But the rental fee is usually a bit steep, so you may be better off buying the digital copy.

Even for studios that offer the ability to rent copies for free, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able at some point to make the recording yourself.

But that doesn’t mean you should throw your money down the drain and wait for the next rental offer.

Most of the vinyl releases out there come with an option for buying a record at a later date.

And some of those rental offers will offer the chance to stream the entire record.

In order to make this a more feasible option for the masses, studios have been slowly adding rental opportunities to their offerings.

One of the most notable is the newly announced rental of a digital album by the band The xx.

According to a press release from Warner Bros., the record will be available to stream on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube and other services later this month.

That means you can stream the album in a matter of hours, and the record can be played in a few different ways.

The album itself will be completely digital, so it won’t need to be ripped and put on an external drive.

The new album, titled “Blackout,” will be released on April 21.

And it’ll be available for streaming on Apple and Spotify.

It’ll cost $10 for those that subscribe to those services.

For those that don’t subscribe to these services, the album is available for $10.99 on iTunes, Amazon and other digital retailers.

The vinyl rental option may not be the easiest option to find in a digital streaming environment, but you can still purchase the record.

The record will ship out in a variety of colors, with the first one being a limited edition version.

You’ll need to order a record through iTunes, but once you do, you’ll have access to all of the tracks and a download code for the album.

The price for this digital version is $15.99, but for those who buy it through the rental service, the record is also available for a discounted price of $10, but only for a limited time.

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