Homelands are a special part of the game of Settlers of Catan, and while the majority of them can be found in the European region, some can be quite far away.

Here are some tips to help you find the best places in the game.1.

Don’t take your eyes off the map: If you’re not sure where you want to play, don’t take them off the game at all.

Take your eyes out of the picture and move on to the next one.

It’ll help you discover the homeland’s hidden beauty and get a better idea of how the real-world works.2.

Be patient: There are a lot of homelanders out there, and sometimes they don’t have a lot to do.

Be persistent and keep looking.

It will save you time and frustration later.3.

Make sure you get to know the homestanding region: If your first choice is a desert or a mountain range, it’s best to stay there for a while.

You’ll be more likely to find your next homelandering location, and it will help you figure out which way is up.4.

Be respectful: If someone is making fun of your homelaneas territory, don

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