A home secretary will now be able to ask the Home Office to provide more detail on the proposed national security bill. 

Home Secretary Amber Rudd said on Wednesday she would ask the Department for Culture, Media and Sport to give her a list of questions that the government will want answered. 

“We’re looking to get a complete picture of what this bill is going to mean for people and we need to know what we’re getting into,” she said. 

In a bid to speed up the process, the government has also announced the publication of the first batch of responses to a Home Office request for comment. 

One of the key questions will be about how the bill will be implemented. 

The government is trying to craft a bill that will put more pressure on the government to make sure people who want to live abroad don’t lose their residency status, or get deported. 

 “I have written to the Home Secretary asking her to publish all the documents that have been produced on the bill, including any responses that are already being made,” Home Secretary Amber Rudd said.

“If we don’t get a full picture of how it will work, then I will have to take the steps to make changes to it.” 

The Home Office has also been asked to produce a summary of the bill before the legislation becomes law. 

While Rudd has already issued a public statement, the Department of Home Affairs is not expected to respond to the government until after the bill becomes law, and will be able only after that. 

Despite the criticism, Home Secretary Rudd is expected to be applauded for her handling of the issue. 

She said she would be open to the suggestion that a list be made public, but that would not be necessary until the bill is actually enacted. 

However, the move will come as a disappointment to many people, who had hoped the government would be more transparent in the way it is planning to implement the bill.

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