Home invaders are not the only people who are seeking to take advantage of the homeland.

Here’s a look at some of the others who have done it. article An American native who fled to Australia to live in the Sunshine State, and who is now living in the capital city of Brisbane, Australia, says he’s seen a “massive spike” in home invasions and kidnappings this year.

He told the ABC he’s been approached by people in Brisbane who are offering “calls of a hostage” to the family of the home invader.

“It’s just a matter of people saying ‘we know who you are’ or something like that,” Mr Shih told ABC News.

He says he has been approached three times in Brisbane by people claiming to be from the family who lives there. “

People are saying, ‘you are going to come and rescue us and I want you to help us’.” Mr Shilworth, who was born in New Zealand, says that after months of searching, he was able to track down his former home.

He says he has been approached three times in Brisbane by people claiming to be from the family who lives there.

“The third one that was offered me was this person that came and picked me up from the airport and said, ‘I know where you live’,” Mr Shillys mother said.

“They were telling me, ‘You’re coming to Australia because you’ve been kidnapped by a home invasion.

I want to talk to you about your safety.'”

Mr Shilews father says he was the victim of a home invasion in November.

He and his wife were at home when a group of men broke into their house and forced their way in through the back door.

“I didn’t even know what the police were saying,” he said.

The family escaped with just $1000 in cash and three pairs of socks.

Mr Shiller says he is now worried about his safety and has set up a website for people to report home invacations.

“So people don’t think they’re safe when they get into a house, when they’re out of their home, when someone comes into the house with a gun, or when someone tries to kill you,” he told ABC TV.

“There’s a lot of bad people out there and people need to do their bit to keep the peace.”

Home invasions are not new to Australia.

A series of cases of people fleeing their home for an extended period of time to escape from violent criminal gangs in NSW in the 1980s also prompted calls for tougher laws to be put in place.

In December last year, the Australian Federal Police launched Operation Home Invasion, after a series of home invasions across the country were uncovered.

The force said the number of reported home invases has gone down by 60 per cent over the past year.

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