Theresa May has been accused of “playing fast and loose with” the Brexit process, after an opinion poll suggested she is likely to lose the May-led government.

A survey by ICM for the Sunday Times found that the Conservatives would lose their majority in the House of Commons and that May was on course to lose her job as Prime Minister.

A total of 1,054 voters in the survey, conducted between March 14 and 19, were asked: “Who do you think will win the 2019 general election?”

Of those polled, 66 per cent said the Tories, with another 10 per cent backing the Liberal Democrats.

More:The poll found the Conservatives could lose the vote by 9 per cent, but were still on course for a majority, and would have a majority of around 10.8 to 11.6.

That meant they would win the most seats, which would allow them to form a government and trigger Brexit talks with the EU.

The poll was conducted in the wake of a damaging Brexit vote by the Scottish National Party in September.

The Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy said he was “extremely disappointed” with the result, but the party had no plans to seek another referendum.

“We are confident that this poll shows that we are well placed for a government in 2019,” he said.

“It is the first in our history that we can expect to get a majority in parliament and have a Government.”ICM’s pollster said the Conservatives were now on course with a minority of just one MP in the Commons.ICM said the Brexit issue had been an important factor in the vote.

“People have been quite clear about the importance of Brexit, which is a big factor in this poll,” a spokesperson said.

A Conservative spokesman said: “The Tories are a party of government and we will not be changing course on Brexit at any stage.”

Our priorities are clear: to secure the country’s future and make it stronger and more prosperous.

“The Prime Minister’s spokesperson said that a number of Conservative MPs would be in Parliament for the first time in 2019, including Conservative backbenchers and members of the Cabinet.”

The party will be working hard to ensure that all those who have voted Conservative this time do so again in 2019.

“A strong Conservative majority will be crucial for us to deliver on our vision of a strong economy and a strong country for future generations.”

A Conservative spokesperson added that there were a number “who will be sitting in Parliament at the start of 2019 and that we will be keeping a close eye on their votes”.

A spokesperson for the Liberal Democrat said they would not be participating in the poll, adding that the party did not want to be drawn into the “Brexit circus”.

“We have no plans at this time to seek a third referendum on Brexit, as this is beyond our control,” the spokesperson said, adding: “But as we enter the autumn, we will ensure that the Liberal party does not engage in the divisive debate about Brexit, and we remain committed to delivering a strong, prosperous and fair Brexit.”

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