A man with a rare and debilitating genetic condition is undergoing surgery in the US to have his immune system “restored” after he developed an infection.

The man, who has not been named, has been living in Australia since he was eight years old, but he was not immunised against HIV until last year.

Mr Quinn’s case has been described as a “life-saving” procedure in the United States, where his father lives, which has led to a surge in calls for his extradition to Australia.

“We are just very fortunate that we were able to get this kind of treatment in the States,” Mr Quinn said.

“It was a very challenging procedure, we had to be careful because the procedure was not always the same in Australia.”

Mr Quittin, a 27-year-old Australian citizen, suffers from a genetic disorder which causes his body to produce a protein called IL-4.

Mr quinn was born in Perth but his parents moved to the US when he was five and he has since been living with his father in Los Angeles.

He is currently undergoing treatment at UCLA Medical Center, where he is taking anti-viral medication.

“I have been living off the internet and I’ve been taking medication for a long time,” Mr quinn said on Monday.

“If I was in Australia, I wouldn’t be able to do this.”‘

I can’t do this alone’Mr Quitten said the operation was a “very significant step forward”.

“He has a very severe immune deficiency and is at risk of developing some serious infections,” Mrquinn said, adding that he would now be able do “all his normal things”.

“I can do this with his help.

I’m able to work, I can sleep, I don’t have to worry about my immune system collapsing,” he said.

Mrquinn was diagnosed with a mutation that caused his body’s immune system to produce IL-5, which is the main protein produced by his body.

“That’s how I am able to produce so many different types of antibodies and so many of them can fight off infection, and they can also stop other cells from coming into contact with the same protein,” he explained.

MrQuinn said the “lifelong battle” to “recover” his immune systems was “life changing”.

“The first few months I was on anti-vaccine, I didn’t really know what was happening, but it got better and better and then it started to come back.”

Once you recover, it’s like a new world for you,” MrQuinn told ABC News.”

You can just see the changes in your body, you can start to feel better, you start to build up the strength in your muscles.

“Mrquin said he would be ready to return home “within the next few months”.”

It’s really just about getting my body to restore itself to its natural state,” he told ABC.”

This is my opportunity to get back into my normal life.”‘

A very important step forward’The Australian Medical Association (AMA) welcomed Mr Quittyns decision.”

The Australian Government has made an outstanding commitment to supporting people with a genetic condition who are living abroad,” AMA president Dr Richard T. Kew said.

He said the AMA was “encouraged” that Mr Quanns treatment was “well received”.”

While this has been a very exciting and life-changing process, it is important to note that our members have been patient with the Australian Government as it has made significant progress in addressing the genetic condition,” Dr Kew added.”

Despite this, we have no plans to change our policy to support patients who are overseas.


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