Departments of Home Affairs and Foreign Affairs will be able to provide more information on the visa requirement and the application process for Australian citizens seeking to travel abroad.

Departments of Homeland Security and Defence will now be able provide the Government with more information about the requirements for entry into the country, including the travel and immigration status of Australian citizens and permanent residents.

The Government has also announced it will make it easier for foreign students to stay in Australia on a student visa for up to three years.

In a statement to the ABC, Mr Morrison said it was a “good first step” towards ensuring Australian citizens are “more confident” in their ability to visit overseas.

“Australians need to be confident that they have the best opportunity to visit other countries and be able do so safely, legally and legally-certified,” he said.

The Minister also said Australia would no longer require an Australian passport to enter or leave the country.

He said visa applicants who had obtained their Australian citizenship through a visa application for a long-term period would be able apply for their permanent residence visa within 30 days.

However, the Minister said those seeking to apply for permanent residency could apply to the Immigration Department for their visa renewal within 90 days of their first return to Australia.

Mr Morrison said the Government would also provide a “quick guide” on visas to assist Australians in understanding the requirements of the visa.

Foreign nationals seeking to visit Australia should apply for an Australian visa in accordance with the Immigration rules and, if approved, apply for a renewal visa within 60 days of the first overseas visit.

It is also important to note that in many cases, the Australian Government does not require a passport to board a plane, the Government will accept only an Australian national passport.

Australian Government’s decision to withdraw visa requirement for Australian nationals will apply to Australians travelling to the UK and other countries in the European Union.

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