This week’s episode of Homeland has the potential to be one of the most entertaining in years.

There are so many twists, turns, and surprises to find and so much fun to be had.

But, when it comes to Homeland, the finale is not a surprise.

The show has long been about a couple of very smart people who have a lot of time on their hands, and they are not just making a quick buck.

The best part about Homeland is that the people behind the show and the writers are all really smart and they know what they are doing.

For the first time in years, we can be fully immersed in the show without being forced to watch the show.

When it comes down to it, we are all watching it together.

So, why does Homeland keep making us watch it?

In an episode called “Tiny,” the Homeland crew discovers that the alien race has created a small town where people can live as “temporary residents” to help them survive.

This allows them to escape from their own kind and the dangers of space.

But when the crew learns that the town is overrun by a race of giant, bloodthirsty aliens called “Cobras,” the team is forced to make a decision.

When the Cobra leader attacks the town, the crew has to use every resource they have to keep the Cobra alive.

But the Cobra are a lot smarter than they appear.

The Cobra will not be defeated by simple firepower alone.

They are equipped with nanomachines that will grow to take down a human host.

And the only way to stop them is to harness the power of the “Hobbit.”

How will the story unfold in the finale?

It’s unclear exactly how the Cobra will take on the people of America.

The episode does give us a few clues.

The pilot introduces us to a very important character in the pilot who is also an alien.

When she and her crew arrive at the town and find the Cobra has overrun the town the Cobra, they are immediately captured by the Cobra.

The rest of the Cobra crew then go after the Cobra and rescue the crew, but the Cobra is now more powerful than the crew.

The next few minutes have the Cobra fighting with the humans and then attacking the Cobra with the nanomachine, and it seems like the Cobra have won the battle.

It seems like they are going to win, but then the Cobra attacks again and the Cobra team retreats.

The team decides to go to the home of a Cobra captain and learn about his plans to take the Cobra to the Moon.

But before they can go, they discover that the Cobra’s leader is a woman named Claire.

And while the Cobra can’t be killed, the Cobra must be contained.

And when they find out that the leader of the leader’s tribe has a genetic mutation that can turn humans into Cobra soldiers, they will have to go in to protect the people they love.

The final sequence has the Cobra being trapped in a building, surrounded by people, and the pilot makes a brief appearance.

The scene is set to the song “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

The ending scene is also very tense.

The crew is trapped in the building with a Cobra, Claire, and a soldier named Charlie, and as the crew is trying to escape, the soldiers attack them with their weapons.

In the end, Claire and the crew escape with their lives.

It is a bittersweet ending, but it feels like it’s right in line with the show’s reputation for tension.

What are some of the other standout moments from the finale episode?

First of all, the ending scene with the Cobra pilot and Claire in the home is really well done.

It also has a good tone, which helps the show stay grounded and relatable.

The first time we see Claire on the surface of the Moon, we feel like she’s trying to figure out what the hell is going on, and that’s a really strong scene.

The second time we learn about the Cobra program, we see it as an extension of the human race, but also something new.

And finally, the final fight between the Cobra soldiers and the team shows a great fight scene.

In a fight scene, you can really see the emotions of the characters involved.

There is so much blood in the fight scene that it’s hard to pick one moment to take away.

It’s not always obvious what the stakes are.

But it’s a good scene that adds to the overall drama.

So what’s next for the series?

It will be a couple more seasons.

The season premiere will air on Monday, October 16, at 10 p.m.


The full season will air in the fall.

The finale is expected to air in early 2016.

The new season of Homeland premieres in the Fall on Showtime.

If you are looking for a new show to watch this fall, check out our picks for the best new shows.

You can also read our complete

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