Cruise ships have long sailed through Scandinavia and the Faroe Islands.

But now the Vikings are setting off to explore new territory – Viking homeland cruises.

The Norwegian Cruise Line is taking the Viking homelist to the shores of Denmark and Sweden and the islands of the far North Sea.

Here’s how it works: When you book your cruise online you can choose between four options: A Viking homeline cruise on the north coast of Iceland from September 30-November 4.

Viking Homeline Cruises can book online through the Norwegian Cruise Lines website.

You’ll be taken to a cruise ship terminal in Norway and on board a Viking ship.

The ship will dock on the island of Hvar on the northern tip of Iceland.

There you can relax and have a drink or chat with crew members about the ship’s voyage.

You can also explore the island’s fishing village and see the site where the ship will go on the first day of the cruise.

After the ship has left the island, you’ll have the opportunity to catch a boat from the ship to the port of Copenhagen.

You will then be taken on a two-day cruise to explore the Viking-era homeliestands.

For the Viking Homelist cruise you can take a ferry to the islands or on a Viking-themed boat.

You have the option to either take the ship directly to the island or catch a ferry or ferry to other islands and then catch the ship back to the mainland.

The boat will take you around the islands and visit a range of Viking sites.

There are many Viking sites on the islands, including a church, Viking burial ground and an observatory.

The homelierands cruise is part of the Viking Heritage Tour, which runs from September through November.

The tour, which also includes a visit to an archaeological site, includes a Viking museum, a museum of history and a visit with the captain of the ship.

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