NEW YORK (AP) — With its new Homeland, HBO has created a new category for its shows, one that could help it gain back some of the attention that has fallen on the network after last season’s Emmy snubs and other controversies.

The Homeland Awards show, which has been airing on HBO since October, will feature four categories, including best TV show, best writing and acting for a show, and best original series.

Each category has two nominees and the show will be presented at the Emmys ceremony, which is expected to be held Jan. 10 in Los Angeles.

“We’ve seen the big-name awards shows go away and the prestige shows have gone away, but we think we can recapture some of that with Homeland,” said Mark Burnett, who will direct the show.”HBO has the right to be the number one home for TV and that is going to be reflected in this award show.

We are going to do it in the right way.”HBO is not going to win any Emmy or Peabody awards.

The show has already won awards in three categories, which include best original writing, best TV series, and most innovative miniseries.HBO also has four nominations for best original musical episode, a category that includes the award for best musical episode and is considered one of the top categories.

The Emmy winner in that category, Bob Seger’s “Born to Run,” won in 2013.

The Emmys have always favored the network that has the most original TV and comedy programming.

But this year, the network also has a few new favorites in comedy, with David Guarascio, Zach Galifianakis and John Oliver all getting nods for writing or directing their own shows.

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