Carrie Mathison is a country music producer who is best known for producing hits like “You Won’t Believe What I Did In My Life” and “Country Style.”

She also wrote and recorded the songs “You Wanna Be A King” and the song “Ain’t No Way Out.”

Mathison recently released a new album, “Country Music.”

But, Mathison’s latest album, titled “Hometown Vinyl,” is not a pop song.

Rather, it’s a collection of songs about home.

“The first song, ‘Hometown,’ was a lot of things, it was a love song, a lot was just about the music, just a love letter to home,” Mathison told Next Big News.

“Then, ‘You Won’ was a little more of a family, a really big song.

The ‘You Wonna’ was about family, it wasn’t a love poem, and the ‘You Ain’t No Man’ was just the song I just wrote for myself.”

“I just wanted to create a song that felt like it was coming from the heart, a real, honest song,” Mathisons told Next BN.

“It was the first song that I wrote that felt so genuine.

It was the last song that had a melody, it had a voice, and it was just me.

I felt like I wanted to express a feeling that I feel for the people in my life.”

“Home is the most important thing,” Mathieson said.

“I always thought about that when I was younger, that when you are in a new place, you have to feel it, you gotta feel that you’re home.

And I thought about it a lot when I write.

I was like, ‘It’s home.

You’re here.

This is your home.’

I just felt that was what it was.”

“Country music is so hard to come by,” Mathions said.

So, she decided to make a pop album.

“So, I did this song called ‘Home Is the Most Important Thing.’

It’s a pop tune.

It’s got the biggest pop chorus I’ve ever heard.

It also has the best songwriting, which I think is the best thing.

I think the songwriting is the biggest thing.”

Mathisons said she wanted to take her songs in a different direction.

“There’s a song called “You Ain´t No Man” where the chorus is about being with your family.

And it’s kind of a simple song,” she said.

But, that’s what I love about country music.

It just kind of gives you an opportunity to do that.

And so, I thought, ‘What would that song be like?’

It’s just a simple love song.

It could be a love verse, it could be about your parents, it might be about the song you just wrote, it would be a song where you sing about what you love most.

“My hope is that I can take the song from being the country version of country music and I can use it to be something really beautiful and really powerful, something that I love.

And maybe I’ll use it for something bigger.”

Mathiesons first song “You Don’t Have To Be Here” came out in 2011.

But the song was released in 2016.

“Hollywood was in my head,” Mathyson said about the album.

It sounded like it could have been a love ballad.

But it was really about love, and love and music, and how we can get together and sing our hearts out.

“That was one of the songs that I wanted me to create, and I just wanted it to feel like it’s coming from my heart, but not feel like I was telling a love story to a world that I wasn’t from.

And then I thought that I could make it really simple, really heartfelt and really beautiful.”

“It’s a really simple song about love,” Mathisons told Next BIG News.

So simple, in fact, that Mathisons had to change it.

“Because, at the time, I was singing it in a country bar,” Mathinsons said.

The song’s lyrics are about love.

“You don’t have to be here,” Mathiasons said, “I’m here, but you don’t need to be with me.”

“You’re here,” she sings.

“And I’m here.”

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