The National Guard is expected to make the first purchase of home security systems, officials said.

The $15.6 million contract is part of a $8.6 billion deal between the Department of Homeland Security and manufacturers for more than 1,000 home security devices, officials with the Department and the National Guard said Monday.

The new contracts, which will be announced soon, will add to a total of $22.5 billion in homeland security investments since January, including $13.5 million in the budget, DHS said.

The department will also be buying equipment to support state and local authorities.

The deal is expected the department will sell more than $150 million worth of products to local, state and federal governments, including police departments, fire departments, parks and recreation centers, school districts, airports and other public buildings.

It is expected that local governments will receive about $2.3 billion in Homeland Security-approved products, DHS officials said, adding that the Homeland Security contracts will also allow DHS to expand its ability to buy more military-grade equipment to meet changing threats and new technologies.

“We have been looking at the need for this equipment for years,” said a DHS official who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

“This is just the first step in our program to get it to the right people and the right places.”DHS is spending more money on homeland security and other federal agencies in fiscal year 2017 than any year in the last six years, the officials said in a statement.

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