Google News, a search engine for news and information, recently introduced a new feature that allows readers to sort by title, publisher, author, date, and location.

It’s the first time that Google has allowed readers to filter news by titles, and it’s not the first such feature Google has introduced.

In the past, Google News has shown its interest in helping publishers sell books by using Google’s “publish by” link.

However, the link, which appears in a list of publishers and publishers’ terms of service, was only present for a short period of time, and publishers have since disabled the link.

With the new “publishing by” feature, Google is making the link even more prominent by making it available to all readers.

But it’s unclear if this will be enough to boost sales of Amazon’s Kindle devices.

Publishers are still looking for new ways to sell their books to readers, and there are plenty of ways to reach them: Amazon sells a Kindle-specific app called Kindle Market, and a Kindle app called Amazon Books.

These apps allow publishers to connect with their customers through email, phone calls, and social media, so Amazon can offer customers the ability to buy Kindle books from their own e-stores.

Amazon also sells a book-focused Amazon Kindle ebook store called Kindle Central, which is available only in Kindle books, Kindle-compatible devices, and Amazon’s own app.

While Amazon is offering these Kindle apps in the U.S., it hasn’t yet announced an official partnership with publishers to make the links available to other countries.

If Amazon can’t sell books on the Kindle platform in the country where it sells the books, the publisher will have to sell those books elsewhere, as well.

The Kindle Link feature was added to Google News after several publishers asked Google for help selling books through Google’s services, including the Kindle Market app.

The publisher also requested that Google create a Kindle link to its e-book store, and Google responded that it could, but that it would only allow links to publishers in the Kindle Marketplace.

However Google said that it will soon start allowing links to Kindle titles in the Google Play Store.

The “publishers” listed in Google News are Amazon and iBooks.

However publishers like Book Riot have been pushing for Amazon to expand the Kindle link for years.

Amazon, for its part, has been working on a way to sell e-books directly to consumers.

The company has said that the Kindle Link is not a Google feature, and that the company has “no plans” to support Kindle Link.

The Google-Amazon link, if it ever comes to fruition, will mark the first attempt by Amazon to gain broad acceptance for its Kindle platform.

For publishers, this could have significant implications for their bottom lines.

Amazon has been pushing hard for the Kindle Store app, which has become the default Kindle app in the United States, and has pushed for Amazon’s ability to sell titles through the store in the past.

Publishers could be losing out on the sales of their books on Amazon’s platform.

Amazon’s e-reader market share, which includes the Kindle and other Amazon devices, grew in 2015, but is currently at around 4.6 percent.

That’s down from 5.4 percent in 2016, according to a report from IDC.

Amazon is also trying to gain more market share in the e-readers market, which grew from 5 percent to 10 percent in 2015.

Amazon currently sells around 1.5 million e-ink-compatible Kindle devices, according the IDC report.

The Amazon Store app will enable Kindle owners to use Amazon’s digital content, which could potentially allow publishers and other publishers to gain additional market share.

However that could also open the door to piracy, which would have a negative impact on publishers’ bottom lines, and could also hurt their ability to expand their e-commerce businesses.

Google is working to make Kindle links available in other countries as well, including Canada, Mexico, and Argentina.

Google said in a statement that it is working with publishers in all countries to make sure that Kindle Link will work across all languages and platforms.

If you are interested in the new Kindle Link features, you can sign up for a Google News account, and then go to the “pubs” tab.

The section will be accessible by clicking on the “add” button.

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