When your next holiday is approaching, you may want to look into some of the holiday staples you might be tempted to skip.

Saul, the country’s national hero and beloved character on the PBS series Homeland, is back in the news after he became the first openly gay person elected to Congress.

“You just gotta make sure you’re not going to get into a conflict with someone who doesn’t have that opinion,” the president of the United States told The Daily Beast last month, noting that he’d also be open to serving as president of one of the world’s most prestigious countries if he felt it would help people like him.

He’s also back in theaters and TV shows, where he’s starring in a new movie called The Last Stand.

But it looks like the American president may be back in hiding, too.

His office confirmed that he was in California when the New York Times broke the news of his resignation, citing unnamed sources.

According to the Times, Trump’s advisers told him that he should resign and that the next time he would be considered for the presidency, he would have to recuse himself from any potential conflicts.

Trump, for his part, has refused to let his health issues be in the way of his political success.

Despite the reports, he did tell The Daily Show last week that he still wants to run in 2020.

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